COVID-19 Information and resources

We know these are challenging times and want to reassure you that Consilium is focussed on providing an ongoing and uninterrupted service to our Synergy clients. The health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and suppliers remains a priority and we are continuing to monitor any new developments.

Together with the Insights page, information and resources are also located here to support you. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact your adviser or BDM.


Consilium's operational plans

As of Monday 23 March, Consilium implemented all government recommended COVID-19 measures. The following measures have been put in place to maintain the health and safety of our staff and provide uninterrupted service.

    • Consilium has now activated our BCP plans.
    • All travel has been cancelled until further notice.
    • All staff have been set up to work remotely and will be working from home.
    • The Consilium office is now closed.
    • Consilium is running a secure remote desktop server which allows staff to securely login to any restricted services whilst working remotely.
    • Your calls will be answered as per normal.

Plans and actions will be reviewed daily and will continue to be guided by the Ministry of Health and Government recommendations.

Systems are in place to ensure communications with Consilium staff will continue as per normal. Consilium BDMs are available on their mobile phones if you have any concerns or are unable to reach someone. Staff will also be available through the normal email channels.

FNZ, who powers the Consilium Wrap platform, have invoked their BCP and all their staff are working remotely. This measure has been in place since 16 March without any service issues to date. 

Consilium is confident in the ongoing provision of services by FNZ and accessibility of Consilium Wrap. This is an opportune time to remind your clients that all investors’ funds are held in bare trust by FNZ Custodians Limited and are therefore not susceptible to the financial status of Consilium or FNZ. However, both firms maintain suitable reserves for withstanding volatile market conditions.

These are challenging times but please be assured Consilium is financially sound and prepared to meet the challenges ahead. We remain focused on delivering a high level of client service and we look forward to maintaining contact with you through online communications.

A message from Scott Alman, Managing Director - Consilium

As we all settle into our new routines, the team are here to provide you with the highest level of support and resources as we navigate through these unprecedented times. 



See below for a range of articles and insights of lessons learned from past significant events and the challenges we face today. 

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Benjamin Roth was a lawyer in Youngstown, Ohio, when the stock market crashed in 1929. Two years later he decided to keep a diary to detail the effects that the financial collapse had on himself, his neighbours, and the nation.

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In stark contrast to most of the past decade, the first few months of 2020 have delivered a large increase in market volatility. A big factor in this has, of course, been the emergence and spread Covid-19.

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Additional Resources

We’ve collated some other general information to help you, your family and your business get through these times healthy, productive, safe and happy. 



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