You save time when you invest in Synergy, allowing you to pursue other life goals


Synergy offer 17 portfolio options that help investors to work towards their financial goals


Synergy provides investors with a level of detail and accuracy in terms of investment


Synergy helps to provide investors and advisers with clarity

Simplify your life. Amplify your returns.

Synergy is designed to simplify
the investment experience
and amplify your wealth.

The right approach to investing begins with great advice. An adviser gets to know all about you – your goals, your capacity and tolerance for risk – and develops a strategy for you to achieve your objectives. Synergy is designed to provide investors and their advisers with portfolios they can hold for the long term, with a range of options to match your objectives.


Your adviser will work with you to put that strategy into action through a fully diversified, professionally managed portfolio with Synergy that is cost-effective, transparent and smart.